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Flexi Black Design Retractable Cord Lead Medium 5m Pink

Flexi Black Design Retractable Cord Lead Medium 5m Pink

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Walk your dog in style with Flexi Black Design! This extendable dog lead allows your dog to explore while still maintaining control.

It is available in three bold colours that complement black housings, topped with a classic silver logo. Multi Box and LED Lighting System accessories can be added (for sizes S and up). 

This product offers a high level of comfort and safety during walks with its innovative Short-Stop Braking System. As they are always under slight tension, flexible retractable leashes never slack.

Your dog can be leashed back to you by pushing the brake button with your thumb and pulling on the leash. You can fix the Flexi leash at a specific length using the permanent stop feature.

Size Medium 5m cord leash, suitable for dogs up to max. 20 kg (weight approx. 196g) 

  • Two button braking system
  • Chromed snap hook
  • Can be accessorized with the Flexi Multi Box and the LED Lighting System