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About Us

As I live and breath to serve Her Majesty Thelmachowska, I spend bunk of my time to constantly  look for new chews and treats to satisfy Her Highness. Everyday duties involve serving food on human plates, breaking snack into small pieces and hand feeding. 

Every chow owner (and other breeds for that matter) knows  constant struggles to provide natural, good quality chews and treats for your dog.  Every time I thought that  I found something she likes, after a while,  I was met with snorting , puffing and resentment from her majesty  Thelma. I was faced with constant battles and refusing to eat anything.

And then I noticed the pattern  in her behavior. After a month or two, Thelmachowska gets board with her snack. She trained me well and knows, I will give in and find her something new and more exciting. She needs constant variety and I always provide.
Big bags of treats are no use when it comes to Her Highness Thelmachowskas interest. Mixed snack and treat are the answer to my prays.  They allow us to coexist in peace. I am sure that many owners of picky eaters agree. Dark days are over. Every treat time, Themachowska give her seal of approval by happy dance, zoomies and paw tapping.
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