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Anco Naturals Beef Tendons Offcuts - 100g

Anco Naturals Beef Tendons Offcuts - 100g

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Natural Dog Chews Contain Only 100% Beef. Anco Naturals Beef Tendons are great long-lasting chews. A perfect dental aid, they help to remove tartar from your dogs teeth. 

There are no problems with the quality of these treats, however they do not meet the standard sizes for general sale (they are too long, too short, thick, too thin, large, or small, etc).

  • Long lasting.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sold individually 
  • Helps dog dental cleaning, removes tartar and plaque on dog teeth.
  • Gluten Free Treats
  • No Artificial Colourings, Fragrances, Preservatives and Additives
  • Typical analysis: Protein 80%, Fat 7%, Ash 13%
  • Supervise your dog when feeding.  Make sure fresh water is always available. Enjoy.