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Tales of a fussy eater Chow Chow. My struggles and hurdles with feeding my dog Thelma. Part 2

During the first months with Thelma, we tried numerous dry kibbles with no luck. We spent a fortune on good quality dry foods. I tried hand feeding and hiding food in a sniff mat. She just would not have any of it. Then we went to try wet food, but again, she would eat a little bit and walk away. I was nearly giving up when I came across of barf groups on Facebook.

I went shopping for supplies and started transitioning to raw. We started feeding Thelma green tripe. I must honestly admit I did not expect it to smell so bad. Mind you I am not squeamish. I do not faint at the sight of blood and do not mind handling raw meat. But tripe was a next level. Let me give you some advice here. At first, when she did not want to try it, I thought it must be because it was still a little bit frozen.  In an act of stupidness, I decided to warm it up in the microwave. Please do not repeat my mistake. OMG that smells. I could not even describe it. Even with every window open, it still lingered in the next day. I had to hold my breath to enter the kitchen. I have never smelled anything like this in my life.  Thelma though, found this aroma appetising and eat her first meal without argument. Still, to this day, she is not too sure about some of the flavours. She will not eat anything like raw offal. I think she does not like the texture. Never mind. Rome was not built in a day. Slowly we introduce different types of meat.

Nerveless, Thelma is still a fussy eater. She will not just eat the food because I brought it out for her. Of course not. By trial and error, I have learned a trick to make her meals looking more appetising. For example, I need to spray some Salomon oil on top of breakfast. She just will not eat it without it. It`s all good though, it has many health benefits, so it is a win situation. It gives her nice shiny coat, increase appetite, and help prevent cardiovascular diseases. If you do try it, make sure to get one in UV protected bottle, as it can easily go rancid.  I also sprinkle some crushed treats on top of her food. Sometimes dried sprats, other times dried tripe or dried jerky pieces. The thing is, when she tries her food, she will eat it. It is just tricky to make her try it. I would like to recommend feeding your dog from a flat plate. There is something about dogs feeling vulnerable when eating. They like to have a full, unrestricted view around when they eat. If your dog is refusing to eat, try to put the food on a human plate. My Thelma would not eat anything from the bowl. All the fancy, expensive, nice looking bowls that I bought for her are now gathering dust in the cupboards. My last bit of advice is to try to feed your dog when you are yourself eating your dinner. I do not know if that is just Thelma’s issue, but she likes to be included in everything.  Like she needs to know everything and be everywhere. When I put her food at the same time when we eat our dinner, she will eat without a protest.

So that is it. My struggles and hurdles with feeding Thelma. Every dog is different. What works for one, might not work for another. But if you, like me struggling with feeding times, it is worth trying some of the ideas I have pointed out.

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