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Tales of a fussy eater Chow Chow. My struggles and hurdles with feeding my dog Thelma. Part 1

 In respect of feeding, you can usually divide dogs in two categories. One, true for most dog owners, is the gulping type. These dogs will eat anything in their side. Most of the time gulpers will not even bother to chew, they simply chomp on food until they can swallow. They will steal your cat food, and leftovers from the plates. They show love to all the strangers on the first side they carry dog treats or sausages.  They are forever hungry. When they see you bring out the food bowl, they shake like they never ate anything before in their life.

And there is a second type, the fussy eaters. These dogs will not be drooling on the side of the food like a gulper would do. They will instead snort at you and thin ‘here we go again with this circus. There is no point to take dog treats with you on the walks, unless you want to gain popularity with all other dogs met on your way. There is no way of bride you dog with food, train them to do stuff for food.

Sadly, my Thelma, she belongs to the second category. We have always had problems with feeding Thelma. Ever since day one she has constantly shown us, she is not very interested with food and will not happily do things for snacks. I still remember my first attempt to train Thelma sit down command. My hand full of kibble, I am enthusiastically showing her one and encouraging her to do my bidding. Thelma looks at me like I came from another planet. Thelma walks away to her food bowl. Thelma brings mouthful of kibbles from her bowl and spit them at me. Did she want to tell me I can sit for food myself? I do not know. At this point, though, she has shown me that she is much more intelligent than I fought. tbc

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